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Touchy, touchy subject, immigration!

The explosion of immigrants from South and Central America and Mexico is destabilizing social systems and economies of the southwestern U.S. and threatening the white psyche. They pay drug lords for passage on overcrowded trains and are shot if they can’t pay. At borders the journey continues on foot, risking arrest and deportment or death from heat, starvation or U.S. bullets. Parents sometimes send children as young as 5 with cell-phone numbers of friends and relatives in the U.S. sewn into their clothes, and the kids might well suffer rape, murder or sale to a pedophilic sex slave system.

These brown-skinned people are fleeing homelands because of tribal and drug-related slaughter and rape of their land, their homes and themselves. They are desperate and driven even to sacrifice their own children for the chance of a better life.

Appalachian peoples of Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio have lived lives of quiet desperation for generations--mining coal, sacrificing dreams, dying of black lung disease. Poverty, incest and cold winters are givens. Most of these families are white.

Big city jungles and rural farmland are home to continuing enslavement of black and Hispanic people, “living off the system” and out of sight of suburban America. Occasional tokens--like the Obamas, the Rices and Judges Marshall and Sotomeyer--reach the highest echelons of government. But most children of “the island” or the former slave system are stuck in corrupt city housing, fast food diets, gang wars, isolation, poverty, pedophilia and cold winters.

Middle Eastern children and families, refugees from increasing wars and tribal conflict, are housed in vast camps or hiding in mountains. Countless birth defects and cancers are the result of “depleted” uranium (nuclear waste) from Western bullets and shells that contaminate all elements of the environment for millions of years in war-torn countries.

Increasing invasion of African countries to steal oil, diamonds, coltan and other mineral riches creates “tribal” unrest, child armies, pillage and poverty.

WE have created these disasters. We North Americans and Europeans burn the coal, use the illicit drugs, drive oil-powered vehicles, wear the diamonds, love electronic communication gear, eat tropical produce, profit from defense contractors and clothe ourselves with child-labor fabrics. Our CIA, FBI and military, along with Israel’s Mossad and England’s MI6, create most false-flag “terrorist” attacks globally, inciting fear, more conflict and countless refugees.

“Give us your tired, your poor…” Not anymore, thank you.

The biggest arguments against opening our (hearts and) borders to large numbers of immigrants is that they’ll take our jobs and break our entitlement systems. We prefer to have them do our menial work--landscaping yards, picking orchards, tending fields—then take their money and go home. Yes, they do take low-paying, back-breaking jobs that we don’t want. And yes, newcomers put a strain on our nearly bankrupt social entitlements, especially state Medicaid systems—in Texas the Medicaid roll has increased 600% in just a few years.

Look deeper: it really has to do with money and race. What we really want is to preserve our white landowner selves. When multifamily immigrants are housed nearby, our property values decrease. When “people of color” attend school with our children, mixing of the races is sure to follow; indeed the browning of America began when the first colonist married a Native American.

Shall we step up to the plate and heed the clarion call at our southwest border, our cities, our mountains and farms? Will our churches, civic organizations and families foster these children and take young immigrant families into our communities, as many did after the Vietnam and Korean wars? Are we responsible for them?

Or does each innocent, bereft of helping hands, have their own path in life to follow like each of us?

Do we embrace our whiteness, our relative wealth, our picture-perfect communities, shielding ourselves from inevitable invasion by a colored world? Caucasians are increasingly minorities in the former U.S.A. (The U.S. has been part of North America, along with Mexico and Canada, since 2001). Let’s remember white Europeans took the new world from Native Americans, pillaging and raping people and the land, once upon a time.

We can resist or embrace change, but change is everywhere and quick. If we adopt a dramatic paradigm change for a new world, we must focus on compassion rather than money, on inclusion instead of separation.

Whether we open our hearts to these children and integrate them, or whether we leave them to their journey, diaspora and change continue.

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